Shutters Range

Shutters work well in all types of property from period to modern.  The style you choose will depend on the type of window you have and the ‘job’ you want the shutter to do.


What Is It?  Our Unbreakable Shutters – a combination of composite materials with engineered panels and frames with ABS louvres. 

Best For  Highly recommended for all areas of the home.

Finishes  23 painted colours.


What Is It?  A combination of painted Hardwood panels and louvres with engineered frames.

Best For   Great all-rounder, suitable for most purposes.

Finishes  This range is available in a choice of 23 painted shades.


What Is It?  Made from highly popular and affordable engineered wood. 

Best For   Affordability. Extremely durable and tough – ideal for high traffic areas of the home.  

Finishes  Classic is available in 9 painted shades.


What Is It?  Made entirely from ABS(vinyl) and are completely waterproof.  

Best For  Bathrooms, kitchens and high traffic areas.

Finishes  Available in 23 painted shades.


What Is It?  Premium Hardwood frames and premium Hardwood panels.  

Best For  Living spaces, bedrooms and shaped windows.

Finishes  There are 23 painted colours available in this range and 22 stained colours.

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